Sixty million websites use WordPress, do you?

Simple to use, flexible to work with, no wonder 35% of websites on the internet use WordPress.

Google love’s WordPress because it is fast! SEO Friendly, mobile responsiveness and fresh content are three other reasons.


Myth buster: WordPress is only for startups. A survey in April 2019 estimated that 40% of the worlds top websites use WordPress; these include BBC America, Disney, Sony, 007 and even Facebook.

We built our first website using WordPress 2.3 (Dexter) in 2008 and 95% of the sites we have built since use this fabulous platform. If you would like to see some examples of what we can do with WordPress, click the button below to view our recent work.

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Discover why Google Loves websites built with WordPress.

Why does Google Loves WordPress?

Fresh content is king.
In 1996, Bill Gates published an essay titled “Content is King” this has been a mantra for Digital Marketers ever since. Two of Google’s most significant updates (Panda & Hummingbird) look at the quality of the content and can read the content while putting into the correct context. 

Back when we created our first website in 2008, WordPress was primarily a blogging platform designed to share and publish fresh content easily. You can now start to join the dots; Google loves fresh, original, high-quality content and WordPress allow website owners to update their websites with quality content.

Is WordPress flexible?
Yes, extremely. WordPress is flexible enough to transform a blog into a website selling cookery courses, a job listings website, a website for a var hire business and even a printing business which allows you to create your designs online.

WordPress is SEO Friendly.
We use a popular SEO plugin called Yoast to increase the effectiveness of our websites on search engines like Google. The powerful plugin allows us to structure the content correctly, include all metadata required and tips on creating great content. 

Tell Yoast what keyword you would like to appear on Google for on every page of your website. A simple traffic system will show you how well the page is performing and provide easy to follow advice on how to improve and get a green light.

What next?
Are you looking for a new website, would you like some advice on your current website? Why not get in touch and request a free review with some recommendations on how we can help your business. Call the office on 01482 844 776 or complete our enquiry form to get the ball rolling. 

We build websites that convert visitors into customers.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

Responsive, we design all of our websites for use on mobiles, tablets and desktops. When we look at analytical data from your current websites, clients are often blown away by the percentage of mobile traffic their existing website attracts.

Interactive, one size does not fit all for web design, although structures and rules can be followed to ensure visitors can navigate and perform the desired call to action. Market research, analytics and user flows to ensure that effectiveness is measured and improvements can be made.

Futureproof, a website should be up to date for usability, security and compatibility across the internet. With a monthly web development package, we provide a service that provides continuous development to implement improvements to increase the effectiveness of a website.

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Websites – WordPress
We build the majority of our websites using the WordPress platform, a standard framework that powers over 25% of the internet. Google reward secure and well-optimised WordPress sites which is another excellent reason for using this platform for web development.

E-commerce – Woo-commerce
For e-commerce, WordPress and Woo-commerce provide a flexible solution and will provide a reliable platform for most e-commerce stores. We have also used Magento, Shopify and other carts depending on the requirements, size and a clients preference.

It is essential that a website that looks good on mobile but what about the user. A fast loading website is vital for mobile users, but what else would they like? Mobile and desktop users often want different information from your website, is it easy for them to find?

Bespoke development
We build WordPress and Woo-commerce websites by hand and can also create bespoke systems away from these frameworks if you require something a little different. We have developed several unique CRM systems to fit with clients requirements or existing systems.


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