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Uses of Twitter

As a social media platform twitter is a perfect vehicle for sharing, targeting, connecting and listening. It is one of the must have channels for both business to business AND business to consumer interactions all over the world.

Such versatility means that many businesses are using twitter as a way of communicating with people globally to expand their traffic.  Let’s look at some real world applications of twitter:

  • Customer support and service

Customers are rapidly turning to Twitter to resolve their issues. It has been said that over 80% of customer service requests on social media are happening over Twitter.

Not only are customers turning to Twitter for help, Twitter is also significantly more efficient and effective for companies, not only are you resolving a problem for a customer you are also having other people view that quality of customer service your business offers.

Companies that are successfully using social media for customer service are reaping the benefits. It has shown 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand that provides a quick and effective response on social media — and we all know that people are much more likely to purchase something when someone they trust recommends it to them.

  • Brand Reputation Management

Some companies decide not to use social media platforms such as twitter because they are afraid that someone will say something negative about them. Whether your organisation is on twitter or not people will be talking about you – both positively AND negatively. It is much better to embrace the feedback and join the conversation. Show that you care about the opinions of everyone who comes across your products/ services and want to provide an optimum experience.

  • Polling and Product Feedback

A new Polling feature has been added into twitter allowing you to encourage your followers to engage with your questions.

The feature allows you to ask a simple question and let them anonymously choose between two short answers. The polls last for 24 hours and the results remain public. This new feature is a valuable way to get inside of your audience’s heads, while creating a more engaging, participatory experience around your business on Twitter.

While you’re not going to let your followers guide all the decisions your company makes, Twitter polls allow you to garner feedback on everyday decisions directly from the people that will end up seeing them in action.

  • News Distribution

Use twitter as a way of updating people on what you’re currently up to in your business. You can use this to tell then about new products or services. Add in some personal touches too if there’s an event you’re attending be sure to let people know.

Joining twitter is really simple and with a little care and attention is can become a great conversation tool for your brand.