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There are more than 140 million active users (and this number is growing), Twitter remains one of the go-to social media platforms for individuals and brands not only to share content, but also to connect and converse with friends, industry peers and prospective clients.

The platform uses its own language that is made up of hashtags, RTs and abbreviations. This includes a 140-character limit forcing tweets to be clear and to the point!

Try these tips to make your Twitter experience even more productive and engaging.

1. Promote yourself (and others!)

You may be hesitant to promote yourself on twitter so not to run the risk of being annoying or spamming other users but this is one of the key ways to get yourself noticed on twitter. Twitter users like seeing new and shared content on your page whether its self-promotion of what you’re up to or someone else’s work that your inspired by. Just be sure you’re sharing and promoting what others are doing, too.

2. Teasers

Don’t give all of the information away up front. Instead, write a compelling teaser/ title that will entice your followers to read more. Perhaps use interesting imagery and a snappy title to encourage users to click onto your blog to read more. Also remember to make your title relevant, don’t promise things your blog doesn’t offer or people will be hesitant to return or click on other content you share.

3. Always be positive

We all have that one friend on our timelines clogging up the feed with negative complaints, moaning and groaning about their lives, relationships and businesses. What good does it do to focus on the negative? Instead stay positive, this will give a professional feel to your page.

4. Interact

Social media accounts are there to make a conversation and to interact with your followers. So don’t just focus on posting content from your other sites or promotion, try to interact with customers. For example, if someone publically messages you something relevant to the conversation you are trying to start make sure to respond and encourage more people to give their opinion. This will also give your page a more personal feel.

5. Stay Current

Twitter has a system called ‘trends’ in which the most talked about topics of the day appear on the left hand side of the screen. These trends can be personalised to different areas of the world or just be set to your local area. Make sure to keep up with these trends and if you can fit something your posting in with them in order to join a larger conversation across the community and get your page seen.