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Web Design Hull – The New World of the Three S’s


Content you produce for your business on your website or social media (or both!) should have these three important qualities. They must be;

  • Snackable
  • Searchable
  • Social


If you’re posting straight to your social media make sure not to write essays, this is what blogs are for. Generally, the formula is to make a blog post on your website designed to be shared on your various social pages. So write a few lines detailing what the content you’ve produced is about with just enough information to give the readers a curiosity to read more therefore making the link clickable. To review, make sure the information you put out on social media is kept short and sweet giving your readers a taste for more of what you’ve got to say.


The key to creating searchable content is key words. Highlight a few key words and phrases that are relevant to the content you post and your brand. Producing new content regularly and ensuring that it is linked and tagged with your keyword will drive search engines to your site.


Make sure any content that your produce online is made to be social and shareable. Including like or share buttons with any relevant content is useful as people who enjoy or find your content useful can easily share it on their various social platforms.

– Aimee, Getextra-Web Design Hull.