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Terrible social media advice you should ignore.

1) You need to be on every social media network. 

When you have limited time and resources to devote to your social media platforms you do not want to be focusing on every website out there. You will end up spreading yourself too thin and not achieve any of your social media goals long term. Instead focus on your target audience and which platforms are optimised for them and create accounts on the websites that are more relevant to the audience you are trying to reach.

2) Social Media is the new SEO.

If you’re referring to buzz words, then yes, social media works but in terms of function and strategy it can not replace SEO. The two strategies actually work well together as social media posts now show up in search engines!

3) You can automate all your updates.

 Daily social media can be time consuming so this approach can be appealing to many businesses that use social media platforms to promote their blogs and link back to their websites. The point people often miss is that social media is all about interacting, its about creating a conversation and joining in with it. It is however okay to automate some of your updates as long as you’re regularly talking to your followers about the content.

4) Send an automatic message to new followers.

Do not do this! It’s an incredibly impersonal way of welcoming new people to your page and most people will consider it spam content. Using techniques such as this also makes you look very inexperienced in social media.

5) Don’t get personal.

Social Media allows users to show more personality than a website normally is able to show. In-fact, your presence of social media relies on strong personalities to get you notices and get people wanting to engage with you and your content. This is especially true on twitter. Another point that can be made is that you should also make sure to express a positive attitude to your followers.