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Social Media Advertising

Market firm eMarketer has predicated that Twitter will generate around $150 million in
advertising revenue in 2011 mainly from within the US. eMarketer also predicted this  figure to reach $250 million next year through increased use of ‘promoted Tweets’ that were introduced in 2010.

Despite this growth, the figure is dwarfed by fellow social networking platform Facebook generating $1.86 billion in advertising revenue throughout 2010, a figure that is estimated to reach $4 billion this year. However, one of the original players MySpace is expected to generate around $184 million in 2011, falling from $288 million
from last year and continuing to dwindle.

The study expects that around $6 billion will be spent worldwide on social advertising throughout 2011, rising to $8 billion in 2012.

What are your plans for 2011? How does Social media fit in?

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