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Social Dashboards

  1. Track your Competition

You not only need to know what’s going on with your own business, but you also need to know where you stand against your competition. Using dashboards you can pin and track other companies social media platforms as well as your own.

  1. Time Management

It is important to be efficient, and having a staff to take care of your social exploits is just too expensive for most businesses. It’s very easy to get yourself wrapped into being on social media all day posting a responding to your audience.. With the help of a social media dashboard, you can schedule uploads and only have to spend small amounts of time monitoring responses and talking to your customers about what matters to them.

  1. Brand Management

Using a dashboard can allow you to set up keyword searches that will track what people are saying about you and you product or service. Being able to find these quickly and engage the commenters can have a positive effect.

  1. Schedule

This is also time management. If you want to post several times a day to different networks, they need to be spread out. The scheduler feature of a dashboard lets you spend some time once a week or a month setting up what you want to send and when, and then let it do its thing.

  1. Find New Customers

When you can track what people are talking about, you can narrow in on those who seem to have an interest in what you have to offer, so that you can target them.

  1. See How Effective Each Post Is

Each message or post that you make can be tracked to see if anyone is responding to it. Knowing this is important, because it allows you to find out what is effective. Always look at the analytics of any post you make!