Getextra help targeting the right traffic.

As chartered marketeers and official Google Partners, Getextra have a wealth of marketing knowledge and experience helping you to say the right things in the right tone at the right time. Google have recently enhanced lots of it’s advertising tools and we are currently working on some exciting beta AdWords extensions that look very exciting.

AdWords, lots more than just a 4 line advert.

Since Google created AdWords back in 2000 it has developed the concept into a bunch of highly effective advertising tools.

Getextra are an official Google Partner, we have over £1million worth of AdWords experience. If your looking at AdWords for the first time or a seasoned professional we are confident we can show you a trick or two.

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Getextra advice on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Panda safe content – it’s simple don’t cheat and follow the rules!
Creating high quality, engaging and relevant content about your company, product or service is important to your online success.

Penguin safe backlinks – it’s simple don’t cheat and follow the rules!
Engage with people online, provide good quality content and the backlinks will look after themselves. The trick is to promote yourself in the right places with the right messages.

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Getextra friends and be sociable.

Traditional broadcast media focused on numerous messages promoting a brand, lifestyle or a half price sofa, social media gave the masses a voice to talk back.

Understanding and creating the right social media strategy can provide you with a direct communications tool, great market research and when used correctly long term brand ambassadors.

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Getextra emails in front of people.

Do you still use your email? What are the chances that your potential customers are looking at theirs as you’re reading this message? People say email marketing is finished, we say it’s just not being done right.

Sidestepping the spam filter to get your emails into a customer’s inbox is the first trick. Then you need to create an enticing subject line to get your message seen before designing the right message within your email to engage with your new customer.

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Getextra exposure via online adverts.

The best place to start advertising online is via Google AdWords, with a network of over 2 billion websites. Seems expensive, complicated and out of reach, give us a call you will be pleasantly surprised.

Targeting the right message with the right audience at the right time is written in marketing folk law. Re-marketing is one of the best examples of how you control your messages and maximise your impact. You can now automate your campaign using your Google Merchant account, ask us for more info.

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