Getextra help building the right solution for your business.

Websites are not a one size fits all solution. The web design, layout and navigation need take your visitors on a journey to achieve the required call to action and provide a positive impact on your ROI. Please give us a shout and arrange a chat to discover how our web design service can help you to take advantage online.


Our designers are great however, we think new projects should start with the marketeers. Asking simple questions such as who is this for? what is it’s role? and how should we measure results? are just as important in effective web design as responsive designs and beautiful graphics.

Once we have a good idea of what your project is about we let the designers creative juices loose and create a web design you can be proud of.

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Getextra toolbox

WordPress – With over a quarter of the world’s websites using WordPress for their platform you can see why this is our first choice when working on any new project. High profile users include the Rolling Stones, Sony Music and Coca-Cola.

Magento – For larger ecommerce projects Magento is a perfect fit, integration with 3rd party providers like fedex and UPS, multi-store capacity and a range of pre-developed extensions have already caught the eye of companies like Hawkins Bazaar, CarpetRight and the Leading US retailer JC Penny.

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Getextra control

We give our customers full control of their websites by providing a solution that is as easy to maintain as creating an email with an attachment

Once your site is ready for launch we provide you with hands on training to ensure you and your team have the skills required to edit your website. If you would like a demonstration please give us a call.

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Getextra mobile

Responsive web design is about ensuring your website looks good every time someone views it no matter what browser or device they’re using.

Would you like to know how responsive web design is currently affecting your business? We can quickly show you the performance of your website and number of visitors for each devise.

Does your website currently use Google Analytics to measure the performance of your website? Why not discover for yourself using our step by step guide the impact your website is having on mobile visitors. **New guide coming very soon**

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Getextra sales

If you’re looking to create your first ecommerce site or upgrading a current website we’ll help you to select the best platform to deliver the results you are looking for.

Woocommerce in conjunction with WordPress is perfect for small and simple solutions, however Magento allows us to automate and integrate processes to reduce administration.

Each platform has lots of exciting plugins and extensions that allow you to increase the functionality of your online store. We can also run through integrating your store with Google’s merchant centre allowing you to promote your products much more easily.

Take a look at some examples of our work Getextra ecommerce