Getextra help to understand the web.

The internet is part of everyday life, millions of people use the web for work, entertainment, communication, buying and selling online. The key for success is understanding how to grab visitors attention long enough to make a connection and start a conversation.


Getextra help targeting the right traffic.

Knowing what to say at the right time is vital when you are trying to engage with a potential client. Shouting the loudest at the wrong time will either be ignored or worse have a negative impact on your campaign.

Here at Getextra we have a wealth of online marketing knowledge to share with you to ensure you say the right things in the right tone at the right time to maximise your potential for customer engagement.

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Getextra help building websites for Google Hummingbird

Google made over 300 changes in 2013. The biggest was Hummingbird, a brand new brain for the worlds largest search engine. Hummingbird focuses on speed and accuracy, feeding this bird with the right mix of information and code provides impressive results.

Hummingbird has made web design and development more structured, providing a framework for feeding your information directly to Google whilst rewarding visitor engagement.

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Getextra information from your website.

Google Analytics and conversion optimisation tools provides you with a bucket load of data. Understanding this data and converting it into meaningful information is vital for your online success.

Once you understand the performance of your website it is possible to make improvements that have a direct impact on your bottom line.

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