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  1. Go Mobile Or Go Home.
    Mobile-friendly website design is no longer optional. Mobile device searches have already surpassed desktop and laptop computer searches worldwide. Website mobile friendliness, in fact, is now a Google ranking factor. Giving people a great mobile experience on your website means making more conversions and generating more revenue. It’s as simple as that. And there is great opportunity to make shopping on your mobile site a special experience. Mobile-only deals and special promotions can keep people coming back to your tricked-out responsive design website. Your first move in 2016 should be to create the best possible mobile experience for your prospective customers.
  1. Voice Search Is Calling.
    Along with the growth of mobile searching comes greater demand for voice search. More people are using this feature on their smartphones to locate the businesses, products, and services they need. Some people use voice search to help them multi-task (say, behind the wheel of a car), and many others find it’s just faster and easier to speak into their phones rather than type their query. Either way, the trend toward voice search means that businesses have to optimize their website to hook these consumers. This means shifting your keywords to voice search-friendly phrases. Search Engine Journal also points out that user follow up questions will become common in voice search, as only a limited amount of information can be delivered in each response.
  2. Direct Data Matters for Local SEO.
    The rise of “direct data” in the search engine results pages (SERPs) means that companies need to provide more detailed information about themselves in order to get a top slot with search engines. Direct data is the granular pieces of information that appear with business listings in search engine data. For example, if you search for restaurants near you, each result will probably provide you with location, phone number, pricing, whether take-out is available, and other details that consumers want to know up front. This extra data improves visibility, and that’s important for both single location and franchise SEO.
  3. Good Local SEO Means a Great Customer Experience.
    In the end, a potential customer’s decision to buy (or not) will come down to the entire customer experience from click-to-close. While you can’t control every salesperson’s actions and words all day long, you can be in total control of the customer experience provided by your website. Gartner says that within the next few years, the overwhelming majority (89%) of businesses will compete solely on customer experience, and that by 2020, 85% of the customer-company relationship will be managed without any human interaction. This means that your online marketing presence has to be concise, consistent, and better than your competition’s to capitalize on this trend.