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SEO for Beginners in 2015 – What You Should Know

SEO for Beginners.

Search Engine Optimization is a motor that powers your marketing efforts. There is no way to master every SEO skill and technique overnight. This is a continuous learning process that requires creativity and versatility simply because the search engine is always evolving. An SEO professional must be prepared for changes and adapt to them quickly to stay ahead of competition. In 2015, there are some small but important changes in the SEO world; here are some new techniques to master to keep your marketing efforts up and running flawlessly.

  1. Mobile Optimization

It has been years since the first smartphone made an appearance, but its development has been in massive scale in the last few years and it does not seem to change in

the foreseeable future. Every website needs to be mobile-friendly, and it does not simply mean a mere scaling down or re-aligning. Mobile browser is intended to handle not-very-complex website with small images and lighter graphics. Although smartphones are reaching near-laptop phase of development, their screens are still smaller and the processing power are relatively slower too. The key in this technique is to deliver pleasing user experience or website interface to mobile users. They have great potential to be your next customers, so treat them well with good website that is easy to navigate, fast to load, and in perfect formatting for small screen.

  1. Rebirth of Conventional Marketing

Over the last decade, SEO has completely taken over its more conventional counterpart, marketing based on real-world quantitative market data. In 2015, keyword information is no longer available in Google Analytics, and therefore the simplified analysis of specific keyword and its expected exposure is also gone. To really make the most of SEO in 2015, expect to do a market observation in order to determine who your real customers are. Quantitative data related to your SEO efforts can help to segment your audiences. This way, you can be creative and provide specific information for every segment to stimulate their interest.

  1. Content is King

This is an old SEO saying which gets more relevant as years go by. Keyword-centric contents are no longer the champions. Google keeps on improving this area for the sake of delivering quality search results to users. Although many of Google’s search algorithms have changed over the years, the importance of quality contents remains the same. Great contents make it easier for you to earn links, and inbound links greatly influence the way search spider works. This mechanism is highly unlikely to change in 2015.

  1. Multichannel

A marketing team is, in most cases, better than individual SEO practitioner. The real advantage is that the marketing effort can run through multiple channels. Collective knowledge and multichannel marketing can indeed simplify work and yield results more quickly. There is a tough competition in the entire SEO world and a team will likely defeat individual.