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Google lead form extensions, what are they?

While still in its beta stage, Google’s latest extension is creating a lot of interest within the Google Ads community. With its launch spoken about and anticipated for almost a year. It will provide advertisers with the ability to capture customer contact details while they are searching for a product or service without leaving the Google search page.

How does Google charge for this new extension?

Google will charge for a click when someone opens a lead form extension and recorded as a click within your Google Ads extension report. 

How will Google record the performance Lead Form Extension?

When a customer completes the form, then Google will record this as a conversion allowing you to segment by type and see the performance of this new extension.

What do the Google lead form extensions look like?

When you create a Google Lead Form Extension, you will need to add a headline and straightforward call to action like the example. A small clipboard icon will be added to the left to inform visitors that this is a Lead Form Extension.

Once the visitor has clicked the link, you can collect the following information; customer name, email address, telephone number and postcode. 

Where are the leads?

At the moment, you can either download the leads directly from Google Ads or set up an integration with your CRM system via Googles API. We are currently waiting for some plugins to make this process as easy as possible to manage and will provide a review on what we find over the next few months.

Can I use the new Google lead form extension?

At the moment only a few of our accounts have the capability to using the new Google lead form extensions, we are working with our Google Rep to roll this out across our clients. 

What are the limitations of Google lead form extensions?

There are several limitations associated with the new Google lead form extensions. 

  • Lead form extensions will only work in search campaigns.
  • Lead form extensions only displayed on mobile and tablet devices.
  • Google lead form extensions applied at the campaign level of your Google Ads account.
  • Personal information collected with Google’s lead form extensions must comply with your company’s privacy policy, Google’s data collection policies, and local legal requirements of your users, e.g. GDPR.

We also understand that not all industries will have access to this powerful new tool. Would you like more information or check if your website would be eligible please get in touch by either emailing us or give us a call on 01482 844776. 

We are currently working with new clients to test this feature on their accounts and would be happy to add you onto our list.