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Google Instant Search, What does it mean for you?

Google Instant Search is the Search giants biggest change to it’s highly successful search product EVER.

Google Caffeine was launched last year and saw some major changes to how Google measure the relevancy of a website for individual keywords, as website optimisers have adjusted to some of the changes incorporated within Google Caffeine the goal posts have been moved again with Google Instant Search.

Forget that I think this change is so big that the goal posts have now been taken down and we are now playing on an uneven field with shiny new style rugby posts. We are now looking at peoples search behaviour and how they actively use search engine. The purpose of Google Instant Search is to reduce the amount of time it takes for someone to search for what they are looking for, which it does very well. On the flip side it also reduces the number of keyword variations people will use, this will increase competition and provide an advantage to larger organisation who can invest more resources to this element of their business.

Back to the question what does it mean for you?

If you are a local business targeting the local community geographical keywords for example the search “double glazing Hull” when the user starts typing “Double G” results will appear showing companies that rank well for “Double Glazing” throughout the UK, these would not normally have been seen by the visitor. There are a couple of ways to address this imbalance using alternative tools and adjusting your SEO strategy why not pop along to one of our “Google Instant Search” seminars we are holding throughout East Yorkshire for the answers.