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Giphy for social media


Here’s a tool to help get people to engage more with your facebook page. Stats say that facebook posts containing images on average receive, 18% more clicks, 89% more likes and 150% more shares. When you think of images your mind might go to photos, or maybe infographics however using this new app you can gain so much more attraction to your content.

But a very effective style of image for Facebook is the GIF (A moving picture image that repeats on a loop), especially now that they auto play gifs right in people’s feeds as they scroll by it. The movement will attract more attention to you post and also persuade people to spend more time on your post rather than just glossing over it.

Giphy has a Chrome extension that allows you to respond to tweets quickly using their GIF database. You can also embed in emails and other messages, and create your own GIFs on their site to include in their gallery or post into your own content. If you want to quickly enhance your social media posts this could be your must have extension for chrome.