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Our website has gone! Emergency web development project

The Brief

We have been a customer of D&SL Fuels for several years and popped onto their website to order our heating oil.

The website was down, and after a quick conversation, they told us their web developer was no longer in business and lost their website.

Heading towards winter and their busy period we offered to help them to get back up and running asap.

Our Strategy

With all our web projects, we start with an initial brief to understand their business and target audience and discuss what they would like from their website. Rather than a simple replacement, we looked at what an upgrade would look like from previous experiences.

The Key objectives from the discussion were to make getting a quote and ordering heating oil as simple as possible, with this, we looked to reduce the number of steps required to obtain an order and simplified the order process. D&SL are keen to be the cheapest local domestic heating oil supplier throughout Hull & East Yorkshire and therefore wanted the ability to quickly change the pricing on the website as markets and competitor pricing were updated 24/7.

Both of these elements directed us towards a bespoke solution, with our web developer creating a unique quote system that would allow the visitors to complete 4 simple boxes and get multiple quotes (dependent on delivery time) and also allow D&SL to change the pricing for several quantities and postcodes within one simple table.

What did we achieve?

The three main objectives for this project were time, simplicity of use for a visitor to get a quote, and the ability to amend the pricing for several quantities and locations immediately.

Time: The project was turned around in a single month, ensuring that D&SL Fuels had a functioning website for their seasonal peak.

Visitors: The new website design, 4-box enquiry form and simple checkout process saw a large increase in conversion rates.

Admin: Nigel is a wizard at creating websites that are easy for clients to update. However, with D&SL Fuels the single product page and pricing table allowed the team to update all of their pricing within seconds.

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