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Beginners Guide to Web Hosting

Once you have had your website designed and developed you have to upload it to the internet via a web hosting service so that the rest of the World can view, contact and potentially buy items from it. Web hosting services store your website files in very high-powered computers called web servers, which are connected to an extremely fast network.

Every website has a domain name, which is basically your website’s internet address. People are able to find you online by simply typing in this address in their browser search bar; the internet will then connect them to the web server that is storing your website files. The information contained within these files is then relayed back to their computer and your website pages are able to be viewed.

There are a number of different types of web hosting services available. The service most suited to your needs depends on a number of different factors including; the type of service you need, the type of server you need and, of course, your budget.

The three main web hosting options available to you are; free hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated hosting.

Free Web Hosting is most suited to those who want to get their website onto the internet just for fun. Connection speeds can be slow and advertising banners are automatically included in your website.

Shared Web Hosting means that you share the server with other website owners. This can be an affordable solution if your budget is quite low, however it can result in slow speeds and you’re not always aware of who your neighbours (other websites that are on the same server as you) are. Getextra provide this service via using their Business Pro Model.

Getextra Dedicated Web Hosting, as the name suggests, Getextra have a web server that is completely dedicated to our websites. Although more expensive, this option results in faster speeds and higher levels of security. Our server is hosted with allowing us to control the speed and security levels of the server as well as knowing who your neighbours are.

Dedicated Web Hosting, as the name suggests, means that you have a web server that is completely dedicated to your website. Although more expensive, this option results in much faster speeds and higher levels of security for your individual website. Again we are able to provide this service using the range of hosting packages.

Email Hosting, most hosting packages also include email accounts. There are three main types: pop3 accounts, which are traditional inboxes; your emails are stored on your server along with your website, forwarding mail accounts, which redirect your emails to an alternative email address, and aliases accounts which are similar to forwarding email accounts as they also forward your mail to a different email address of your choosing.