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Avoid Abandoned Shopping Carts, Top 5 Tips

Online shopping is very different from what we experience in the real world. It is a buyers marketplace with competitors around every corner and price comparison is the normal behaviour of an online bargain hunter.

Shopping cart abandonment is commonplace with almost 80% of carts left and abandoned. Online retailers need to understand what is happening and what improvements they can make. Improvements to the shopping experience and reduce the number of people that leave without buying the goods or services that they came to your website to buy.

Abandoned Cart Emails
We have already told you that almost 80% of shoppers will abandon their carts. What we have not told you is that the majority of people that leave your website are planning a return trip to complete the sale. The problem with this is that they are human and forget to return, forget who you are or can not find you again for whatever reason. A gentle reminder by email can bring them back to encourage the completion of the transaction and provide a little encouragement. You will be amazed by the results!

Avoid surprises
This point mainly covers additional costs that spring up throughout the checkout process and top of the list is shipping costs. Free shipping is always a winner, removing the shipping cost issue from the transaction. If you are going to charge for delivery, ensure that you are clear about this throughout the process.

Clear and simple
The customer journey should be as easy as possible and avoid any distractions. The CTA (Call To Action) button should stand out and be very clear what you would like the visitor to do. Try and provide a clear offer and avoid adding multiple buttons throughout the process that may confuse the visitor and ultimately move them away from the primary objective in completing the sale.

Live chat
Provides visitors direct access to your sales team, helping them answer any of the questions that may be stopping them completing the online sale. This information is like gold dust! These questions should be used to improve the site. We have examples were questions are used to promote the website within their Google Ads campaigns.

Importance of Urgency
We have left this old chestnut until last, adding the element of urgency to any marketing campaign always provides a positive response. For example, a special offer that is limited, a shipping deadline for next day delivery or a variety of different other tactics that will push along that critical sale.

Remember that optimisation of all elements of your online marketing campaigns should be an ongoing process. Once you have achieved the best results, increase your expectations and try again.

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