Reach more people in more places online!

Display ads promote your business when people are browsing online,
watching YouTube videos, checking Gmail, or using mobile apps.

Display ads reach 90% of internet users, advertise on their favourite sites and apps.


With specialised options for targeting, keywords, demographics and remarketing, you can encourage customers to notice your brand, consider your offerings and take action.

Measure your results and discover which audiences are most receptive, what part the display ad had within the buying process and make adjustments to improve and meet your objectives.

Want to display your ads to the right people online?

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Want to display your ads to the right people online?

Display ads are perfect for reaching more
people in more places online.

Display ads, what do they look like?
These are graphical adverts designed to capture people’s attention and appear in 20 different sizes across Google’s display network of over 2 million websites and apps. Depending on the campaign’s objectives, adverts are automagically created, or we can upload a bespoke design.

One size does not generally fit all, understanding a little more about your audience will enable you to tailor your message. Has the visitor been on your website before, are they using a mobile device? or you can use other demographical information that Google knows about the individual.

Display ads, how much do they cost?
Google Display Ads are part of the Google Ads auction where you can set a maximum bid with a daily budget to keep control of your advertising costs. The cost per click tends to be much lower on the Display Network than the prices you see on the Search Network.

Who will see my display ads?
Remarking is the most popular targeting method we use for our Display campaigns. These use audience lists that are created within Google Analytics to target previous visitors with targeted adverts designed to encourage visitors to return to your website.

Alternatively, you can use other methods such as geographical, demographics and user behaviour recorded by Google. The “similar to audience” is very interesting, capturing visitors that have a similar footprint to the people in your audience lists.

What next?
Contact us for a free initial consultation, no hassle, no commitment just an opportunity to explore how our ideas could impact your business.

Call the office on 01482 844 776 or complete or simple enquiry form to get the ball rolling.

Google Seach, display network, Google shopping and Youtube, getting the right mix for you.

Google Ads is much more than just search marketing


Search will always be core to Google Ads, targeting people when they are actively looking for you, your good or your services. Google shopping shares this space providing graphical results to products people are searching for online.

Google display Ads also allows you to reach your customers within its display network of over 4 million websites or via video advertising on Youtube.

We are certified by Google in all elements of Google Ads and can build the perfect solution combining the benefits from each aspect into a successful campaign.


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Search Ads appear above Google search results when people look for you, your products or services. You only pay when people click your advert and sent directly to your website or call your business.
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Display Network
Over 4million website makeup Googles Display Network and using Google Display Ads, you can target all of them. The key to display is targeting; you can target an individual, user segment or theme.
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YouTube Advertising
Video Ads are a fantastic way to engage with your customers on YouTube and Googles Video partner websites. With a variety of different video formats and each will promote your video to an engaging audience.
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Google Shopping Ads
Shopping ads appear on Google when people search for the products you offer. Adverts include a picture, title and price of your product along with the name of your shop and any independent reviews you have.
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