Google Ads the fasted route to page one

Do you spend much time on the 2nd page of Google?
So why should your website!

Know who wants a haircut? People searching for a haircut!

Advertise to people searching for you.

Do you want to be on Google’s 1st page when customers are searching for the products or services that you offer?

Would you like to only pay for advertising that brings these customers directly to your website?

With Google Ads we can put you on the first page of Google at the exact time people are searching for you, your product or your service with a laser targeted advert to drive them to correct page within your website.

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Google Ads Review

Not your average web agency

A decade of experience turning
clicks into cash for a variety of sectors.

Experience Professionals
We created our first Goggle Ads campaign in 2007 and was one of the first agencies in the UK to be awarded the Google Partner badge. In 2018 we were handpicked by Google to their exclusive Elevator scheme, designed enhance the UK’s top-performing agencies.

We have passed all our exams and are recognised as Specialists by Google in all aspects of Google Ads. Including Search, Mobile, Shopping, Display and YouTube. Our head of marketing is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Chartered Marketeer.

We plan, build and maintain every campaign inhouse with our qualified in-house team. You have full access to our work logs and your personal Google dashboard. You have direct access to the person running your campaign and not an account manager.

Results Not Contracts
Digital marketing and Google Ads are flexible, rules, tools and platforms change regularly. We no not believe a minimum term contract fits within this framework so offer a simple 30-day rolling agreement, supported by great results to keep clients on board.

What next?
Contact us for a free initial consultation, no hassle, no commitment, just an opportunity to explore how our ideas could impact your business. This information will allow us to pull together a proposal to help you grow your business and explain how each element of a campaign would pull together in the same direction.

Call the office on 01482 844 776 or complete our straightforward enquiry form to get the ball rolling. We also offer a simple Google Ads audit report, looking at the historical performance of your campaigns and provide informative feedback on how changes to the account could impact your bottom line.

Google Seach, display network, Google shopping and Youtube, getting the right mix for you.

Google Ads is much more than just search marketing


Search will always be core to Google Ads, targeting people when they are actively looking for you, your good or your services. Google shopping shares this space providing graphical results to products people are searching for online.

Google display Ads also allows you to reach your customers within its display network of over 4 million websites or via video advertising on Youtube.

We are certified by Google in all elements of Google Ads and can build the perfect solution combining the benefits from each aspect into a successful campaign.


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Search Ads appear above Google search results when people look for you, your products or services. You only pay when people click your advert and sent directly to your website or call your business.
Discover more about Search Ads

Display Network
Over 4million website makeup Googles Display Network and using Google Display Ads, you can target all of them. The key to display is targeting; you can target an individual, user segment or theme.
Discover more about Display Ads

YouTube Advertising
Video Ads are a fantastic way to engage with your customers on YouTube and Googles Video partner websites. With a variety of different video formats and each will promote your video to an engaging audience.
Discover more about Video Ads

Google Shopping Ads
Shopping ads appear on Google when people search for the products you offer. Adverts include a picture, title and price of your product along with the name of your shop and any independent reviews you have.
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