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1.) Be Natural

Facebook can be a fun and relaxed platform- so, your writing should be natural, nice and you should not use an overly formal approach.

2.) Be Relevant

The posts you make should be written for immediate action. This means you need to write posts so that they can be read and engaged with as soon as you write them. Look at the news and trending topics so that you understand what people are talking about at the moment.

3.) Be Visual

Adding a good image will attract readers to your post and encourage them to click and want to read more about what you’re saying. People who are able to select good images that fit well in the newsfeed are more likely to have people engaging in their posts.

4.) Be Concise

The shorter, the better. Let people know what your point is in a few sentences and then perhaps link the people who are interested to your blog or website. Posts of 80 characters or less are said to be the most engaging with Facebook users.

5.) Be Emotional

Making your posts ‘emotional’ gives personality to your page. Try to write posts that persuade your audience and ask for a reaction to begin a conversation.

6.) Ask your Fans

Questions are a great way to get people on your page to comment and engage with your posts. People love expressing their opinions so if you can post a question at the end of a post you make on Facebook.

7.) Post a Quote

Inspirational quotes work very well across all social media. People like to relate to great things that have been said by great people!

8.) Use Full URLs

Use only full URLs when posting a link to an external site and shortened URLs get as much as 3 times less clicks!

9.) Be Yourself

The most important is to speak as yourself. The people who know you and your brand will expect you to write in your usual tone of voice. Make them feel like you are talking to them directly, not as a corporation.