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5 Graphic Design Trends for 2016

  • Flat, Simple.

This design avoids glossy buttons, bevelled edges, gradients and dimensionality. This type of design is currently being used by big companies such as Google, Ebay and Microsoft Windows.


  • Grid Layout.

Layout started on Pinterest and celebrates geometry and precision. This design features solid colours and bold outlines. A key element of this page layout is that the design calculates the best placement of posts and images within the grid based on logic.

  • Fonts

Free type kits like Google Fonts are now available. This means that non-traditional fonts are now being used more frequently in designs. Custom or unique fonts are definitely useful in helping to separate your brand and helping you stand out against competition. The important factor when using fonts is to make sure your font is still easily read.

  • Bright Pastels

Bright pastels tend to work really well with flat design. Google has taken this on and softened its hues in line with this trend.

  • Illustrations are replacing stock images

The illustrations versus the photograph image. Illustrations tend to convey a stronger brand message and are also more difficult to replicate perfectly therefore carry less copyright issues. They also give a cleaner feel to a design and are better for resizing whilst keeping quality there.